Happiness is... Sport Touring in Canada!

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Player Nickname Location
JeffFJRGuyCalgary, AB
RobertCollingsBobWinnipeg, MB
RayraYzermanMillgrove, ON
RandyWTP07Strathroy, ON
GregGDSfjr03Cambridge, ON
TimMadmudderGrimsby, ON
Jeramy JeramyToronto , ON
BenoitPtitbenChicoutimi, QC
DianeLady dia
BoydFJR BoydCote saint Luc Montreal , QC
Sarah Sweet cheeks
MelOzzyMt.Brydges, ON
Mitch CableboyMontreal , QC
DavidOn2Kemptville, ON
JeffJeff FLondon, ON
CharlieCharlie BlinnBedford, QC
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