Happiness is... Sport Touring in Canada!

This year we are heading to

Baie Comeau, Quebec

... on the scenic North Shore of the St Lawrence.

The Plan

Since we don’t have a local member on the organizing team, we’re planning things a little differently this year.
We have a host hotel (see the accommodation tab), and just up the street is that great Canadian meeting place…Tim Hortons!. Plan is to meet there each morning for coffee/hangar flying/etc and then head off on rides in small informal groups. (No ‘parades’)
Evenings are also informal. There’s a brew pub not far from the Travelodge where we can collect, and Baie Comeau is a regional hub, with quite a few restaurants/bars/patios etc along the waterfront there.
The plan (currently) is to invade the Brew Pub on the Saturday night for an informal “wrap up” supper/bash.
We’ll have something organized on Thursday night as well, so stay tuned.


Well, it’s Canada, and it’s on the coast, so… you can literally expect anything.
Expect cool/damp mornings, expect some rain and fog. Average highs/lows in June are 19o/10o C (that’s about 68/50 in American), with about 1/3 of the month rainy. That being said, we could also see bright, sunny, summer weather. Probably no snow (grins).
Chances are you’ll need your rain gear at least one day while you’re there, and you’re going to need a jacket in the evening.


You can usually spend $US anywhere in Canada, but you’ll get hosed on the exchange rate. Better to grab some colourful Canuck Bucks from the local ATM while you’re here, or use plastic.


Some of the organizers are fluently bilingual, we’re expecting a few riders from Quebec, and the locals are friendly – so don’t be scared off because you don’t speak French! All part of the adventure folks!